• Vision

    To share the power and many positive benefits of the Pilates method to everyone.

  • Mission

    The creation of an empowering and inclusive educational environment for Pilates teachers and students rooted in the historical perspective and lineage of the Pilates method and it’s application in the modern world.

  • Philosophy

    To set the standard of quality and affordable Pilates education for all.


- 7 Master Teachers -

Patricia Guyton

Master Pilates Teacher and Author

Read more about Patricia's workshops

Jillian Hessel

Master Pilates Teacher and Author

Read more about Jillian's workshops

Kevin Bowen

Master Pilates Teacher and Co-Founder of the Pilates Method Alliance

Read more about Kevin's workshops

Carolyne Anthony

Master Pilates Teacher and Women's Health Specialist

Read more about Carolyne's workshops

Amy Havens

Expert Pilates Teacher and Founding Teacher of Pilates Anytime

Read more about Amy's workshops

Muriel Morwitzer

Senior Educator and Managing Director of "Art of Motion" Academy

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Tom Waldron

Biomechanics Coach and Franklin Method Educator

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  • Super early bird | 15% off | 1st August ~ 31st October 2023
  • Early bird | 10% off | 1st November ~ 31st December 2023

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  • 1 - 2 workshops

    $220.00 per workshop

  • 3 - 4 workshops

    $190.00 per workshop

  • 5 - 6 workshops

    $160.00 per workshop



- 1st to 3rd March 2024


- 42 workshops

- 21 unique workshop topics with each workshop having two available time slots

- 14 core topics for teachers

- 7 core topics suitable for clients and practitioners

- 9 free mat classes

- Lecture and theory

Play and Relax

- Day 1 | Friday | 1st March | 8:30am | Refreshments

- Day 1 | Friday | 1st March | 9:00am | Opening Ceremony

- Day 1 | Friday | 1st March | 7:00pm | Cocktail Party