Master Pilates Teacher and Author

Jillian Hessel has been teaching Pilates since 1981. Known for her concise verbal instruction and crystal clear imagery, she is a National & International Presenter at Pilates Conferences everywhere. She launched her On Demand Legacy Library in 2022, available on https://app.arketa.co/jhpilates/pricing.

Currently, Jillian teaches Workshops and Private lessons via Zoom, and In-Person Privates in her two Home Studios, located in mid-town Los Angeles, California. She filmed 5 new programs featuring ACTIVE AGING for PilatesAnytime in June, 2021.  Jillian recently taught at the Pilates in Asia Conference in Seoul, South Korea in July, 2023.

Her book, "Pilates Basics,” is available on amazon.com and on her website, jillianhessel.com Jillian’s book is also available in both Chinese and Korean translations! Look for a Japanese translation in 2024!

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