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Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates for Scoliosis

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Jillian Hessel is one of only of a handful of 2nd Generation Pilates Teachers with a specialty in assessing and working with clients with scoliosis.  Having lived with a double “S” curve scoliosis since her early teens, Jillian has developed great expertise in managing her own aging, curved spine, using both Pilates and Yoga.  She loves sharing her knowledge, and helping Pilates clients with scoliosis to lead more active and pain-free lives is one of her great passions!  Come learn how to manage your own spine, or how to work more confidently with your Pilates clients with scoliosis. 

Key highlights of workshop:

  • Learn how to work with clients with scoliosis.
  • Learn many unilateral exercises on the Cadillac, Reformer, Step Barrel, and Wunda Chair that can be used to "wake up" weak, underused muscles, mobilize stiff joints and help to realign the asymmetrical body. 
  • Learn unilateral exercises, as well as the utilization of props and specific cueing that can help to "reprogram" muscle recruitment and client proprioception, resulting in improved posture, reduced pain, and increased range of joint motion.
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