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What a Pain in the NECK!

What a Pain in the NECK!

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So many of us complain of neck pain, but really what causes the pain? In this workshop, we will have an overview of some of the common injuries of the cervical spine and how they present in the human body. We will review basic neck anatomy along with how the most common injuries are diagnosed by a health care provider and how you can then develop a better understanding of these injuries and address them with simple effective at home exercises. You will take away a better understanding of your neck and how it functions, some effective easy exercises for your home movement practice, and how to avoid causing a ‘Pain in the Neck’!

Key highlights of workshop:

  • Learn some of the common injuries of the cervical spine.
  • Learn the basic anatomy of the  neck and how injuries are diagnosed.
  • Learn how to address these injuries with simple home exercises.
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