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Strengthening the Abdominals and Nourishing the Back

Strengthening the Abdominals and Nourishing the Back

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If the back allows, the abdominals can work with powerful ease. If the abdominals are strong and at ease, the back can elongate effortlessly. It is not uncommon for one to restrict the other. Consequently, “the other” has to work extra hard, which can lead to back pain, shoulder tension, breathing restrictions, and organ dysfunctions, just to name a few. In this empowering, yet soothing movement sequence, we will focus on multidimensional spinal mobility, muscular strength, length, and relaxation in the abdominals, as well as fascial invigoration, softening, and hydration in the back. The muscular conditioning and fascial nourishment immediately benefit the body. In the long run, the exercise combination will allow your back to let the abdominals work with powerful ease, and your abdominals will let the back elongate effortlessly. Win-win!

Key highlights of workshop:

  • Learn the co-relationship between abdominals and the back.
  • Learn how the muscular conditioning and fascia nourishment can benefit the body.
  • Learn the exercise combination that will let the abdominals to work with powerful ease and the back elongate. 
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