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Standing Balance - Integrate Vertical Challenge into Pilates

Standing Balance - Integrate Vertical Challenge into Pilates

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Balance in vertical is an element of functional movement that should be incorporated into every exercise class. The key to increasing and maintaining balance is to provide the body with opportunities that require a movement that is challenging, safe, and fun. Joe Pilates demonstrated balance in his archival films at Jacob’s Pillow standing on his feet, performing handstands, standing and sitting and running. Often clients limit participation to only the equipment work because it appears to be harder. It is possible to insert places for balance within an exercise sequence throughout the hour.

Teachers can learn how to encourage and motivate clients to enjoy this challenge. During this session opportunities will be presented for integrating balance elements using the following: cadillac, reformer, chair, box, band, pole, weights and magic circles. This information can be inserted into your classes.

Key highlights of workshop:

  • How to incorporate balance work in a challenging and fun manner in your class.
  • Increase your repertoire using different equipment and props in the studio setting.
  • Learn how balance can bring visible results to your clients, which is often times unknowingly under-developed.
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