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Spinal Articulation in Three Dimensions

Spinal Articulation in Three Dimensions

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“A Man is as young as his spinal column” - Joe Pilates.

The exercises on Mat and Equipment provide extensive variety and challenge to maintain spinal strength and flexibility for all levels of students. For a spine to be flexible and healthy, each intervertebral joint must move within the full range of motion that allows for the design of the vertebrae and individual differences in body size, relative health and age.

The key for spinal health is that each of these vertebral joints coordinates with all other joints as the spine flows throughout movement sequences. When teaching articulation, it is economical to introduce spinal articulation in the sagittal plane. The posterior spinous processes will provide proprioceptive feedback for student reference. Teaching and feeling articulation in the coronal and transverse planes is not as obvious for the client because the control and precision relies on a combination of muscle and bone cues. Careful explanation from the teacher can assist with progress of full articulation in all planes of motion. Progression through this process will increase functional movement for daily activity and success in Pilates practice.

Key highlights of workshop:

  • Learn how spinal articulations can help maintain a youthful spine.
  • Learn how to execute spinal articulation in three different planes – transverse, sagittal and fontal.
  • Learn how spinal articulations can improve functional movements and mobility for daily activities.
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