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Sense-able Teaching and the Power of Touch

Sense-able Teaching and the Power of Touch

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Utilizing touch is important when teaching the Pilates Method. It is often an under-rated and under-utilized skill that has even become minimized over the years. The touch is the beaconing bridge between the teacher and the student.  This workshop will explore insights as to what intentional touch is, how to use your hands to guide your student and teach with hands on cueing the correct movements.  An appropriate touch will build a connection between you and your student, culminating to what we would call a ‘trusted touch’.  A trusted touch can enhance a movement experience and allow the student to derive a deeper inner sense of mind and body integration.

Key highlights of workshop:

  • How to develop a ‘trusted touch’.
  • How to develop a deeper connection between you and your students.
  • How to use a tactile cue in conjunction with verbal and visual instructions.
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