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Myofascial Pathway to the Pelvic Floor: Adductor Magnus

Myofascial Pathway to the Pelvic Floor: Adductor Magnus

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Functional Anatomy Spotlight

It is significant in size, function, and influence - yet regularly overlooked or kinaesthetically faded out: the Adductor Magnus. Together with the obturator internus, this myofascial powerhouse provides a mechanical and sensory pathway to the pelvic floor. 

In this workshop, we will zoom into the Deep Front Line, where the adductor magnus-pelvic floor sling of muscles and fascia is embedded. For optimal functionality in and around the pelvis and lower back, we will dynamically stabilise the sacroiliac joints from within rather than externally. Favouring neither one over the other, inside-out and outside-in activity is deliberately alternated. As a bonus, tight or strained hamstrings are unloaded with versatile adductor magnus conditioning.

The multidimensional Slings Myofascial Training sequence that you are going to experience has been successfully tried and tested by movement teachers, bodyworkers, and therapists who utilise movement as nourishment and medicine; for themselves and their clients.

Key highlights of workshop:

  • Learn how the adductor magnus provides a pathway to the pelvic floor.
  • Learn about the role of the adductor magnus in stabilising the pelvis.
  • Learn a multidimensional slings myofascial sequence that can strengthen and nourish the adductor magnus.
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