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Defining Flat Back and Neutral Spine

Defining Flat Back and Neutral Spine

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“Entire spine must touch mat or floor. Tense body (do not bend arms or legs).” Joe Pilates described supine position on the mat for The Roll Up. Return to Life, page 41.  The description of the placement of the spine in Pilates execution of exercise has been a topic of confusion for years. Many of the early Pilates teachers taught flat lumbar spine in supine. The execution of this position requires the ability to counter-nutate the sacrum while maintaining the pelvis in neutral.

For many students, the information did not clarify how this position would adapt to movement. Science and functional movement consider the position of the sacrum, pelvis and the spine both in relative and coupled motion. Cueing the application of this information for self practice and for clients can be daunting. With some practical insight, it is possible to convey this information to your client. It is fun as a teacher to feel confident in how to teach both static and active movement applied to Pilates exercise.

Key highlights of workshop:

  • To clearly understand definition and execution of a neutral spine and flat back.
  • Learn how to use a neutral spine in movement.
  • Learn how to teach both static and active movements in the Pilates repertoire.
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